'07 KX250F Review

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'07 KX250F Review

#1 Post by Kwackerz » Sat Feb 23, 2008 8:11 pm

New KX250F: Keep it at the head of the pack

The 07' KX250F receives comprehensive fine-tuning to both engine and chassis. These refinements to Kawasaki's highly acclaimed 250cc four stroke MX model make it an even more potent track weapon, designed for mid- to high-level riders.

More performance at both ends of the rev range

To complement the KX250F's hard-hitting mid- and high-rpm power, modifications to the engine deliver more torque down low. This helps the rider take advantage of the bike's superior rear wheel traction, contributing to quicker acceleration off the mark and better drive coming out of corners. A high degree of tuning ensures high-end performance is maintained.

Better manoeuvrability

A more flickable chassis package is the result of the increased longitudinal rigidity of the frame's lower section and the reduced front fork rigidity. Thanks to these changes riders are able to choose either the quick-turning cornering style of a 2-stroke or the stable cornering performance of a 4-stroke. This additional freedom creates many new passing opportunities.

Superior suspension action

The new Showa front and rear suspension provides a smoother ride and lets the rider spend more time on the gas. New fork sub-springs, revised front and rear suspension valves and a new rear main spring provide smoother action at the initial part of the compression stroke (allowing the wheels to better follow unevenness in the terrain) and firmer damping near full compression (giving a more planted feel). The rear shock features dual compression adjustability, allowing high-speed and low-speed damping to be tuned separately.

Source of Review: Kawasaki UK
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