Fueling Issue

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Fueling Issue

#1 Post by HoneyBea » Tue Dec 29, 2020 11:01 am


So typically, for a fuel issue, it happened after I got home from filling up.

I don't have a manual, nor can I find a decent one to download without all the crap attached to it.

So, CBR600RR 09 Injection.

I had run her quite low on reserve before filling, which I do normally do, but without any issue in the last 10yrs of owning her. ( I know, I won't be doing this again!!) I rode home (aprox 2.5 miles) without any issue.

So, Ignition, fine, dash, fine, starter fine, but not firing. You can here the engine turning no problem, she's just not firing up.

I am hoping that it's just a bit of shit in the lines, but I don't know where to start even looking for the fuel filter/pump and lines.

So, what I a looking for, is, do I have 1 or 2 fuse boxes, (already checked fuses by the battery, all look fine)

Any tips on how to lift a full tank?! 18lts is a little beyond my strength capabilities......

Any advice is welcomed please, it's not that I won't get my hands dirty, or don't have the tools, I just don't physically know where to start looking on the bike....!??!?

Thanks in advance, Bea

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Re: Fueling Issue

#2 Post by mangocrazy » Tue Dec 29, 2020 4:52 pm

Unfortunately if you do have a fuel-related issue (which it sounds like you have) all the bits you need to access will be probably under the tank (possibly the seat if you're really lucky). So the first thing you need to do is to drain the fuel in the tank into a suitable receptacle. A 20 litre jerry can would be perfect. They're also really useful things to have (for occasions such as this) and aren't expensive. If you have a farmer's supermarket near you, they'll sell them. A decent motor factors should also.

Then get yourself a couple of metres of plastic hose and a decent sized syringe (something of at least 200ml, like this:
https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/100-200ml-Re ... 3312928851
This will enable you to syphon fuel out of the tank without gargling in petrol (not recommended). Put one end of the hose as far down into the tank as you can and firmly attach the syringe to the other end. Pull on the syringe until it's reached the end of its travel (don't force it past the end stop...). You should have the tube full of petrol with some in the syringe. Holding the syringe close to the open jerry can, quickly remove the syringe from the tube and put the tube in the jerry can. With any luck most of the petrol should now syphon from the petrol tank into the jerry can, making the petrol tank light enough to remove.

I'd also strongly recommend getting a Haynes manual for your bike. Trying to troubleshoot something like your issue without a manual telling you where to look and how to get at the bits you need is an exercise in futility. This looks to be the one for your bike:
https://haynes.com/en-gb/honda-motorcyc ... /2007-2012.
Even brand new it's only £18. You may very well be able to pick up a cheaper used one on eBay.

Best of luck and keep us posted with how you get on... :smt003

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Re: Fueling Issue

#3 Post by Casper » Tue Dec 29, 2020 9:21 pm

Free manuals here. Your bike may be to new

http://www.manualedereparatie.info/en/c ... honda.html

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Re: Fueling Issue

#4 Post by Wally » Wed Dec 30, 2020 12:05 am

When you turn the ignition on can you hear the fuel pump run for around 5 to 10 seconds?

Fuel injection systems will run the pump as you turn the keys on to pressurise the system ready for starting, but will stop the pump after a few seconds if the injection system computer does not see a crank or cam signal showing the engine is running.
If you can not hear the pump the next job is to find out why, could be tip over sensor, fuse, bad electrical contacts etc etc or even failed pump.

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