Changing from a 1200GS to a Honda?

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Changing from a 1200GS to a Honda?

#1 Post by Suecha » Fri Jun 05, 2020 2:38 pm

Hi all. I fancy a change from my 1200GS (2006 model, been very reliable and comfortable) but really want to scratch the Honda DCT itch. Any advice?

NC750X DCT- Looks lovely, will I miss the power? How is it for two up touring (We're both about 10 and a half stone)? Comfortable?
VFR1200X DCT - Heard it's a bit outdated now? Also very heavy compared to a 1200GS. I'm a short arse at 5 foot 6 (and a half) and I struggle with the GS sometimes in car parks. I do like the maintenance free shaft drives though ... power would be plentiful too.
Africa Twin DCT - Sat on one and it feels very tall. Top heavy like my old F800GS?

Rumours of a 850cc Honda (New NC and perhaps a "baby" 850cc Africa Twin) but I suspect these would be out of my budget.

I already have a 650 Single for any offroad, so this one is just for touring, one up, two up and munching tarmac with maybe a dirt road at worst.

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Re: Changing from a 1200GS to a Honda?

#2 Post by Animal » Sat Jun 06, 2020 7:12 am

I’ve got an Africa Twin DCT, the Mrs has an NC750S.

The AT is a great all round bike, all-day comfy, quick enough, well made etc.
The Gearbox is brilliant once you’re used to it... with the only caveat that you can’t always use it in full auto as it just chooses the wrong gear no matter what you do... especially on 1st gear hairpins.
But... and it’s a big but... it’s just not quick enough when you want to ride like a loon. On twisties, it’ll keep with anything, but on sweeping quick roads, it’s very frustrating. Overtakes which are “on” riding a proper bike just aren’t, and you get left behind.

The NC makes a great commuter BUT it’s very slow and the suspension is “budget” to be polite.
The engine really takes some getting used to, the limited power is low in the Rev-range and it runs out of puff very quickly.
Would I tour on it... No.
Would I get one for commuting... actually, Yes.
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Pizza Delivery Rider
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Re: Changing from a 1200GS to a Honda?

#3 Post by RoadRash » Mon Jun 08, 2020 3:50 am

I've owned a VFR1200X for nearly 70K Kms, commuting & touring. Manual not DCT though. Here's what I've found:

  • The V4 motor is fantastic. Smooth, plenty of power and grunt. Sounds good too.
  • Very comfortable riding position and seat. I've toured from west coast to east coast of Australia & back with consecutive 900Km+ days no issues
  • Big fuel tank ideal for touring
  • Superb reliability
  • The weight (see Negatives) seems to disappear as soon as the bike is rolling and you no longer notice it
  • Maintenance free drive shaft
  • I have to mention the reliability again :smt001
  • It's heavy. Getting it off the side stand when it's fully loaded with panniers/top box is a real effort (I'm 5'11"). Don't park it downhill on side slope!
  • Mine is an early model and the front suspension was pretty awful. New springs & oil improved it significantly. That may have been addressed in later models.
  • I took it on trails and gravel roads a couple of times and scared the crap out of myself. It's just too heavy and the suspension isn't up to it. My KLR650 would leave it for dead!
  • No cruise control (again, may have been addressed in later models)
I can't speak to the DCT but the manual clutch is light enough. I've fitted pure road tyres to mine after the OEMs and it has made it a superb touring bike with plenty of smooth power for quick overtakes.

For context, I've had this bike longer than any other and that includes bikes like Ducati Multistrada 1200, Triump ST1050, Kawasaki ZX7R.

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Re: Changing from a 1200GS to a Honda?

#4 Post by Rob32380 » Mon Jun 08, 2020 8:58 am

Hi, you said the Africa twin is too tall, was that the earlier model which was made for giants? The 2020 model has a much lower seat option .

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Re: Changing from a 1200GS to a Honda?

#5 Post by Three Dawg » Mon Sep 27, 2021 12:07 pm

I found it to much infomatics as well!

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Re: Changing from a 1200GS to a Honda?

#6 Post by Firestarter » Wed Oct 06, 2021 1:40 pm

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