Cheap Christmas gift ?

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Cheap Christmas gift ?

#1 Post by flatlander » Sat Nov 28, 2015 5:06 pm

Argos and john Lewis both have the amazon fore 7 inch tablet at 35£ ... JL are out of stick but more coming in won't do Skype I think but for 35 quid a decent basic sofa browser
Well the wife the mother and the sister in law are all getting one so it had better be.
May want to expand the memory though that should be cheap enough. Some higher spec Lenovo kit for about 100

Allsp Argos have the now box at 15£ with 3 month pass. These boxes used to be made by Roku which normally sell at about 50£ and can be turned into a media streamer device in about 10 minutes using something like plex to side load/ root
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