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Re: France touring tips & highlights

#16 Post by mangocrazy » Sun Mar 06, 2022 5:49 pm

Never done that route personally, but I've been through the Southwest corner of France adjacent to Bilbao some years age. I think it was the area known as Les Landes and it was pretty flat and feaureless as I recall. If you're entering France from NW Spain I'd say your main options would be either to head up through the Bordeaux/ La Rochelle regions, following the coast line, or head west into the Dordogne/Cahors region or further west to either the Massif Central (amazing roads) or even the Rhone Valley and then head north.

The coastal route would be the least mileage, the Rhone valley the most. Personally I'd take either the Dordogne then north route or the Massif Central then north route. I guess it all depends on which bits of France you've already visited and whether you want something new or to revisit old faves...

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